3 dogs were wrapped in bags and filled with tar… the “poor trio” from Pskov survived, but the miracles did not end there!

This “Poor Trio” went through hell!

Who did this to these three dogs and why? In Pskov, they tirelessly discuss the “poor trio” – pets who almost lost their lives…

The animals were found in a terrible state! There is a wasteland not far from the Palkinsky highway in Pskov. It was there that some “monsters” tried to get rid of three dogs. And they wanted to do it in an extremely cruel way!

The dogs were lying on some old sacks. But the worst thing is that three pets were stuck in tar! Two of the animals could no longer move, and only the third dog had the strength to bark. Thanks to him, the “poor trio” was saved!

The exhausted animal barked with the last of its strength. Fortunately, military exercises were held not far from the wasteland. They heard the dog’s plaintive howl. The guys quickly arrived to find out what happened! Of course, they were shocked by the scene…

The military hurried to contact the animal care center. There was no time to lose!

Both the military, and volunteers, and all residents of Pskov perfectly understood that they wanted to make fun of the dogs. Some non-human beings wrapped the paws of one of the poor things with wire so that it could not move, and the second was simply wrapped with cellophane bags!

Of course, the shocking news quickly spread throughout Pskov. Many people came to the rescue of the three victims. It was clear that the pets needed immediate help, because very soon the tar could dry so much that it would be impossible to remove.

Veterinarians say that the unfortunate animals spent more than a day in this condition, because they were all severely dehydrated. In addition, it was clear that the dogs were clearly not stray dogs, but domestic ones. Residents of Pskov responded massively to help – people brought sunflower oil, medicines and offered their help.

Meanwhile, doctors carefully cleaned tar from the fur of the affected animals. They managed just in time: intoxication could have begun very soon because of the tar.

Veterinarians managed to free the dogs from the tar layer and their well-being clearly improved.

But the very next day one of the victims got worse! It turned out that the dog… started giving birth!

And soon three healthy babies were born! 🙂

But this is not all!

Soon the owners of all three dogs were found! It turns out that people have lost their way in search of the pets that disappeared a few days ago. The trio were close friends, so the animals spent all their time together.

Who did this to the dogs? Law enforcement agencies are currently searching for an answer.

We hope that the perpetrators will be punished!

Currently, the “poor trio” is recovering and very soon they will enjoy life again!

Be more attentive to your four-legged friends and do not let them go for a walk alone! Danger lies in wait for them at every step…

And we wish the dogs to get well as soon as possible! 🙂

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