What the most handsome boy in the world looks like and where he is from

He became famous thanks to his incredible appearance

There are quite a lot of beautiful children. But only some of them can make a career in the modeling business, become inspirations for photographers and get the status of the cutest boys and girls in the world. We decided to tell about one such exceptional child.

William Franklyn-Miller is an ordinary schoolboy, who, nevertheless, is followed by about two million Instagram users. Miller turned 18 on March 25, 2021. But he had got his first fame long before he came of age, all because of his incredible appearance.

This young British citizen does not look like his peers, he has rather adult features, pointed cheekbones, a straight nose and a sincere look of blue eyes… It is not surprising that he has become the favorite of photographers. And the podium scouts are already looking over him. The teenager’s height is 188cm.

This appearance came to him from his parents, the boy’s mother, Shannon Franklyn-Miller, had a modeling career herself, but his father, Andy Franklyn-Miller, works as a doctor in Devon. There are two more children in the family, but only William was able to achieve such impressive results in modeling.

He has been doing it since he was four. But William really became famous in 2016. Then his photo spread among Twitter users with the caption “The most beautiful boy on the planet.”

People started following Franklin-Miller’s account. He was surprised by the sudden fame that had fallen on him and even thought that his Instagram had come under attack by bots. But it became clear from the comments that everything was fine.

Along with the followers, commercial offers also poured in. William managed to earn about a million dollars and start an acting career. The pretty teenager managed to appear in the series Arrow, and some other film projects. His salary is estimated at 8-10 thousand dollars per episode.

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