Jennifer Aniston is 51 years old, in great shape and does not hide how she achieved it

Aniston has no secrets, she tells everything honestly

Hollywood actress and beauty Jennifer Aniston is already 51 years old, but in the best traditions of the dream world, she looks at least half her age.

And she also has the audacity and pleasure to arrange candid photo shoots, practically in her underwear. Not otherwise, so that all the other aged ladies in the world get jealous, and younger girls realize that they also have no chance to look this young at such an age. Or is there?

Aniston doesn’t keep secrets, she tells everything honestly.

Body work

Previously, daily workouts were a mandatory element of being for her. Yoga, boxing, running, swimming, and meditation. Training is not a hard work, not a painful process, but a way to improve your health. Just 20 minutes a day is enough to cheer up.


“I care about the only body I have”

Now, after 50 years, Aniston began to rest more often. She had previously allocated at least one day a week for complete physical idleness, and now she admits that she may not approach the simulator all week. She does not need to prepare for competitions, so she should not subordinate her body to herself, but listen to it. It’s not the same as “being lazy”, but when you live so long and know your body, you begin to understand it.

Skin Care

Aniston bluntly says that she tried Botox, but was immediately disappointed in it and no longer thinks about plastic surgery in any form. Collagen helps her get rid of wrinkles – a structural protein that connects hard and soft tissues in the body, cartilage and tendons. She takes this peptide along with her morning smoothie and is very pleased with both the taste and the result. By itself, collagen is produced in the body, but the older the body, the less it is. It needs to be replenished.

The second means is microcurrent masks. The actress’s favorite is the NuBACE Mini from CurrentBody. A fairly simple device that stimulates the skin and facial muscles with micro-impulses. Pumping them up with dumbbells will not work, making faces at the mirror is not an option. Therefore, this training option is quite acceptable and brings its benefits.

Finally, genes and origin. Aniston’s father is a pure-blooded Greek, she has the facial features of this people and other biological properties. For example, a minimum of wrinkles – even her elderly father has only a couple of them. The actress’ paternal grandmother lived to be 95 years old, so she has a reserve of vitality from nature itself.


In everyday life, Aniston adheres to a 16:8 lean diet, which means 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours for eating. Fast is a conditional concept, the main thing is the absence of solid food and sweets. That is, you can drink a glass of fatty milk or sweet juice, but without cookies or a sandwich. If there is no serious physical exertion in life, then it is not difficult to allocate time and maintain a diet, while actually not having to starve.

On the other hand, daily meals have little to do with preparing for important events. You don’t think that she always looks the same perfect and is ready to shoot at least every hour? For example, preparing for a meeting with Brad Pitt during the last Oscar required a 5-day special intensive diet, when the body receives only 800 kcal per day. You have to eat nuts, soups without meat, seaweed crackers and herbal tea, so the vitamin and mineral balance is normal, and a few kg will fly away instantly.

But this is exactly a one-time procedure that can be repeated only before important events.

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