In 1983, a baby weighing 7.2 kg was born. How is he doing 36 years later?

Everyone told he should take up basketball because of his height

In 1983, the birth of a boy named Kevin became a real sensation for the media. Kevin was born weighing 7.2 kg!

The baby’s mother assumed during pregnancy that her child would be born large, since most of their kind were born more than ordinary children. But to be this big!?

When the woman and the child were discharged from the hospital, the parents faced a problem. The baby did not fit in a standard cradle. And in the future, they were constantly faced with the problem of finding clothes and shoes.

At the age of 12 , Kevin was 152 cm tall . And that’s why all his relatives and friends advised him to go play basketball. But the boy had no love for sports at all.

After school, he was trained in the US Air Force and now works as a police officer.

Now Kevin is 37 years old. He has learned not to pay attention to jokes about his height that hurt him in his youth.

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