Jean-Claude Van Damme: The beloved wife and children of the actor

Following their father’s steps

Jean-Claude Van Damme was engaged in martial arts. He was a famous athlete, traveled a lot, participating in competitions. At the same time, there was a time when the beloved actor was engaged in ballet. Once, at one of the sports competitions, he was noticed by representatives of the film industry.

They invited him to play in a small episode of a film. However, his appearance on the screen became a real sensation. After that, films with his participation appeared one after another.

He became a real star. The actor was married five times and has three children.

Gladys Portugues became the actor’s third wife and gave birth to two children. However, the spouses always had misunderstandings. Therefore, they soon divorced. Jean-Claude married again, however, realized that he needed only one woman in his life – Gladys.

So after another divorce, the actor reunited with his third wife, who again became his wife, the fifth in a row. Even now there are clashes between them, they constantly talk about parting, but so far, no matter what, they are together.

Khristopher Van Varenberg is the eldest son of the actor. He bears his father’s real surname. Few people know, but even at the beginning of his career, Jean-Claude took a pseudonym. The actor’s son followed his father’s footsteps and is actively acting in films.

Daughter Bianca, also decided to take a pseudonym so as not to draw attention to her famous surname. After all, she, like her father and brother, decided to become an actress.

The actor’s youngest son was born in a marriage with the actor’s fourth wife, Darcy LaPier. Nicholas is only 24 years old, he is a typical representative of the golden youth. For a while he had problems with the authorities. However, the guy does not want to connect his life with cinema.

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