Teenage millionaire from Dubai is living in luxury and does not hesitate to show it

He wants to become the youngest businessman in the Middle East and make everyone proud of him

This 15-year-old teenager gets everything he wants with one click of his fingers. His life is very different from the life of ordinary guys.

Rashid was just lucky to be born into the family of construction magnate Saif Ahmed Belhasa. They live in Dubai.

The teenager is studying at an elite school. Teachers do everything to make him comfortable. Rashid is the youngest in the family, and will not inherit all of his father’s fortune. But the father still fulfills every whim of his favorite child.

They don’t live in a mansion, but in a palace! A few years ago, the boy wanted to have his own zoo. And they made a zoo for him, not far from their house. Rashid calls it a “farm.”

Rare animals live in aviaries. The cost of the “farm” is equal to the annual budget of a small country.

The boy is most attached to cats – tigers, leopards and lions.

After learning about such an unusual menagerie, celebrities ask to visit Rashid. And he doesn’t care who comes. The teenager’s personal secretary is busy with this. Rashid himself occasionally takes photos for his Instagram account.

He has 1 million 600 thousand followers. Rashid became popular after fashion blogger Vitaly Zdorovetskiy visited the zoo. He wrote about the menagerie, and after a few days Rashid got much more followers.

The guy is not thrilled with the influx of celebrities. He himself is bored, and there is no time to accept everyone. He refuses some. But football players Ronaldo and Messi, artists Jackie Chan and Paris Hilton, singer Mariah Carey and others were lucky to get there.

Another passion of young Belhasa is sneakers. Today he has more than 200 thousand pairs in his collection. The boy’s father paid $8000 for the most expensive ones.

Somehow Rashid’s older brother Abdullah bought himself a very expensive “Yeezy”. Rashid wanted to collect sneakers. In the first year, there were already 200 pairs in his collection. The most expensive ones cost $1,900.

Abdullah helps his younger brother in his business pursuits. This is advertising and selling sports shoes and accessories of the elite class.

The young businessman said, his dad decided that his son was acting weird after seeing how many sneakers he brought from France. But the son told his father that it was a good investment.

Rashid is also partial to cars. And he has a lot of them. But as long as he is too young and does not have the right to drive a car, then he plays with them. Decorates them with all kinds of logos. So, on the Cadillac – there’s the logo of the sneakers “Yeezy”. The red Ferrari has a “Supreme x Louis Vuitton” print.

Rashid has a dream – to say goodbye to school as soon as possible and create the largest sneaker store in the country. He wants the whole country to be proud of him, and so does his Dad.

After school, he will study business and, if Allah permits, he will become the youngest businessman in the Middle East.

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