Color-blind girl painted nature the way she sees it

Followers compared her painting with a fabulous apocalypse!

Here is a unique artist who sees the world in complete different colors than most people. She finally decided to show her followers how she sees her surroundings. Her paintings amazed everyone!

The followers of the young artist compared her painting with a fabulous apocalypse!

Nyah Dunn is a colorblind female artist. She is active on TikTok and often posts videos there showing her followers her latest works. Nyah sees some colors differently and usually wears special colorblind glasses. However, this time she decided to improvise and tried to paint without the special glasses. The result was incredibly beautiful!

She painted a landscape the way she sees it. Dunn was sure she was painting the land green, while it was, in fact, brownish. Grass turned out to be red, leaves on the trees were lilac. But the girl managed to paint the sky the right color.

This artist proved, that color blindness doesn’t stand in the path of creative abilities and ideas.

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