Their son secretly bought a huge house – his next move brought his parents to tears

At first they thought he bought a new house for himself, but then realized…

LeJuan James is a popular blogger on YouTube, famous for his witty humorous videos on various topics. Few people knew a guy named LeJuan James, before the fame hit him. Only thanks to his parents, he was able to become a real YouTube star. His parents have been married for 33 years, and LeJuan says he owes them a lot.

While the children were growing up in the family, the mother and father sacrificed everything so that they did not need anything.

Becoming an independent adult, LeJuan decided to thank his parents for their many years of tireless work, and prepared a special gift for them.

Before LeJuan became a famous blogger on YouTube, his mother and father had to work a lot.

From Puerto Rico, the family moved to the United States, where the parents had to work tirelessly for the well-being of their children.

During the day, LeJuan’s mother worked as a cleaner at the Disney World amusement park, combining work at a pharmacy at night. His father was a repair and maintenance employee at one of the hotels. And at night he worked part-time at a Burger King fast food restaurant.

In order to support the family, both parents were forced to work full-time. Although LeJuan did not tell them this, he was infinitely grateful to his mom and dad for everything they did and what they had to give up for the sake of the children.

Now, after many years, having built a good career for himself, LeJuan was able to turn his childhood dream into reality. Even as a little boy, he dreamed that one day he would buy his parents a big and beautiful house.

After a while, he was able to achieve this. Blindfolding his parents, the proud son brought mom and dad to their new residential area.

The video shows that the parents are very confused, as they have no idea what is going on. When they get to the right house, LeJuan asks them to take off their bandages.

At first they think he bought a new house for himself… but then they realize it’s a gift for them.

This is an incredibly touching moment that the family, of course, will never forget. LeJuan himself could not hold back the tears that flowed from his eyes like a stream.

What an amazing surprise! It’s nice to see that LaJuan’s parents have received gratitude for all the years of their selfless work, and they understand how grateful their children are to them for this.

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