The Duchess of Cambridge paid tribute to Princess Diana during a photoshoot

These days many are obsessed with Lady D and her style

The whole country is watching the Royal Family with pleasure. In honor of the birthday of Prince Charles, the whole family gathered to take a joint memorable picture.

The Duchess of Cambridge paid tribute to the memory of her husband’s mother Princess Diana during the photoshoot. For this joyful event, Kate Middleton chose a dress that turned out to be incredibly similar to one of Lady D’s outfits. Some royal pictures got online, people had the opportunity to compare the two outfits themselves.

The picture shows the bench on which Prince Charles, his wife Camilla and grandchildren Princess Charlotte and Prince George are sitting. Harry and William and their spouses are standing in the background. The Duchess of Cambridge holds little Prince Louis in her arms. The family photo turned out to be sincere, everyone is smiling and laughing.

Kate Middleton chose a dark blue polka dot dress. Fans noted that the outfit is very similar to the dress in which the Princess of Wales once appeared. In confirmation of the fact, curious people found even old pictures of Princess Diana on the web. Indeed, Prince Charles’ first wife had a dress similar to Kate Middleton’s outfit. Many are sure that this was not a coincidence at all. Fans claim that the Duchess of Cambridge deliberately copies the style of her late mother-in-law.

Earlier, Kate Middleton wore a red dress with a lace collar after the birth of Prince Louis. Princess Diana also wore a similar outfit when she introduced Prince Harry to everyone in 1984. Perhaps Kate Middleton, like many Britons, is fascinated by Princess Diana, so she tries to be like her. Most recently, she wore Lady D’s tiara to a gala event attended by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

Harry and William always keep a close eye on the press. They don’t pay attention to what is written about them. However, Prince William and Kate Middleton specifically look in different directions when they are photographed. They don’t want reporters to have a lot of good shots.

Despite all the rumors, the British are still pleased to watch the Royal Family.

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