“A Tyumen woman married an African man, giving birth to three children”: today the whole of Ghana admires the beauty of their children

They look amazing together!

Eden and Tatiana are not quite a familiar couple for all of us, who, however, have quite an ordinary and romantic dating history.

The young people met at the university. Eden studied there, he did not know Russian very well, and Tanya helped him with this and after a while they began to be friends. It is clear that then it turned into romance, and then into marriage.

The young couple played a wedding in Tyumen, where they studied. The girl was born and grew up there. They lived in this city for a while, but now they live in two countries.

They live with their three children in Russia for six months, and the other six months in Ghana, where the husband is from. They do this so that children know two languages, two cultures. They will be open-minded in the future.

It is worth noting that in both countries they are welcomed with open arms. So far they have been married for a little more than a year, but they are very happy and hope for a future together.

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