Married couple decided to repeat their wedding photos

They coped with many difficulties but managed recreate their happiest moments

50 years of living together is a lot. And this is a special date, because not every couple can boast of such a long family life. The Guy family decided to make the anniversary day special and repeat the photos from their wedding 50 years ago.

Just like back then

Carolyn decided that it would be nice to do a photo shoot in the very church where they got married, so she immediately offered it to her husband. The process of preparation for this event began in advance.

To look like herself in her youth, Carolyn even grew her hair. So it was possible to achieve maximum similarity with the photos. Luckily, the wedding dress still fit her.

In the new photos, the couple recreated every pose and facial expression. For one picture, the husband even had to remove the bandage from his wife’s leg. In order to walk down the aisle again, they coped with many difficulties. And now, their love, preserved through many years, is captured in such wonderful photographs.

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