“So perfect that Photoshop is visible a mile away?”: Kim Kardashian stunned fans in a spicy dress

Overdid photoshop a little bit

Kim Kardashian is already 41 years old, but, of course, she does not look her age at all.

Most recently, she posted shots from her new photo shoot on her Instagram, but there was something that surprised her fans. Kim was wearing a black top, more like a dress, and a tight-fitting bottom of the same color.

She left her dark hair loose and straight, and chose makeup that was not so extraordinary, but bright and accentuating her eyes. She looks bright, piquant and luxurious in these photos.

But that very detail immediately catches the eye – the armpits. Obviously, as some of her fans noticed, there can’t be such a color and texture, and the armpits themselves look blurred. It’s clearly the work of a photo editor. And apparently he tried too hard.

However, many did not pay attention to such an unnatural-looking photo, writing that Kim looks incredible, as always.

And what do you think, our dear readers? Do you agree that this time Kardashian certainly overdid Photoshop?

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