7th grade student rushed into a burning house to save a paralyzed woman

This guy is a real hero!

Roma Kovalev is a 7th grade student from the Polevskoy Lyceum. Already at such a young age, he committed a real heroic act, and became the winner of the “Warm Heart” award, and also received the award “For Courage” from the Federation Council.

Everything happened in the village of Demino. The boy was sitting on a bench, not far from his house, when he suddenly saw smoke coming from the neighbor’s yard. He knew that a lonely sick woman was living there.

The boy ran to the house without hesitation. He saw that a fire was breaking out. The fire was spreading from the corridor to the main part of the house. Looking through the window, Roma saw the woman lying on the floor.

“I broke the glass,” he tells. “My friend came to help me. Together we carried the unconscious woman outside. She gained consciousness in the fresh air and remembered that her documents were left in the house.”

Then the student ran into the burning house again.

“I didn’t know where the documents were, I started looking, literally by touch. My eyes were already threading, I inhaled smoke, and then my hands came across a folder. He grabbed it and went out through the window again. It turned out to be the same documents. Then the firefighters arrived.”

“Everything happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to be scared,” says the young hero.

“Roma is a very active, kind boy, and we knew that he was capable of such actions,” says Roman’s teacher Nadezhda Melikhova.

The woman from the burning house recovered and her grandchildren took her to another city. And Roma himself has definitely decided that in the future he wants to become a rescuer and work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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