Mom could not wash the hair of her daughters for 5 days and decided to shave them bald

Children are a source of happiness, but they also cause a lot of problems for their parents ))

Modern chemistry can be both good and evil. The story of Wendy Price and her daughters, Jamie and Morgan, is an example. The eldest daughter is 4 years old, the youngest is 3 – the most naughty age.

Everything happened as usual: mom wasn’t looking for a moment, and the kids got the diaper rash cream Desitin. For a reason, they wanted to become like Elsa from the “Frozen”, in other words, to get smeared in white.

This is what Wendy saw

And here she made a huge mistake, which she admitted. Wendy acted automatically – if the child got dirty, you need to put it in the bath and wet it. But she didn’t take into account that there was a substance zinc oxide in the cream, which is absolutely not wetted with water. As a result, it became even worse – the hair acquired a stable dirty-white color.

Zinc oxide

After 3 hours of continuous washing, Wendy’s hands dropped. Shave off their hair, bald, it will grow back later anyway. It doesn’t hurt and it’s not scary, right? But before deciding, she wrote in the public group of New York moms – still, the cream is common, surely someone has experienced this before.

Extreme washing

It turned out that the problem was very relevant. Wendy spent 5 days trying dozens of ways to wash off the nasty zinc oxide. To no avail, and the idea of shaving has become relevant again. But then chemists joined the conversation, and advised two components: a baby fat cream and a means for washing birds that got dirty in oil.

And it worked!

Zinc oxide is lipophilic, so it mixed with oil, and the remedy washed it off. Now the harmful cream lies behind seven locks, and Wendy carefully studies the composition of everything she uses.

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