“And she’s 56?”: Elizabeth Hurley delighted her fans with the most piquant picture

Time has no power over her!

Despite her age, the famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Hurley does not cease to pamper her followers with photos in which she demonstrates her magnificent figure.

A few days ago, the celebrity shared a piquant picture from her last photoshoot. In the shot, she appeared in an open dressing gown, which hardly covers the magnificent forms of the actress.

It is impossible not to note that 56-year-old Elizabeth is in excellent shape. Many younger girls can envy her figure.

Followers immediately reacted to such a spectacular shot, noting that time has no power over Hurley. Fans left a huge number of well-deserved compliments under the photo.

We should note, that earlier the actress admitted that she is very closely looking after her figure, so such a body is not luck, but a lot of hard work. Therefore, she can afford to regularly demonstrate the fruits of her efforts on social networks.

Elizabeth also owns a clothing brand, which includes summer outfits. And such photoshoots are a great way to advertise your own product.

Let’s remember that for thirteen years the model was in a relationship with Hugh Grant. After the breakup, they managed to maintain a good relationship. In the future, Hugh even became the godfather of Elizabeth’s son.

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