They got a dog as a present and took it to a shelter

She went back to the shelter over and over again

A dog named Sugar lives in a Miami shelter. She has been there for so long that she considers the shelter her real home. Sugar is used to the walls of the organization and the people she sees there every day.

For the first time the dog came to this shelter back in 2011, when she was a 1-year-old puppy. The former owners of the animal said that the pet was given to them, and they, unfortunately, had no time for her.

Two months later, the dog was taken to a foster family. But a year later she was returned, as the new owners had “problems with the landlord”. They didn’t let them keep the animal in the house.

Sugar got into a new house again the next day. And three and a half years later, she was once again returned to the Miami shelter. This time people lost their own house altogether, so they had no place to keep a dog.

The pet spent the next few years in the shelter. Then the dog was adopted into the family for the third time in 2017. Three months later, she was returned. They said that the dog was behaving very badly.

On the day when the last owner refused Sugar, the pet just walked through the doors of the usual shelter. The workers came up to her to say hello and pat her, and she responded with a friendly wagging of her tail.

The organization’s employees even wanted to send the poor dog to another part of the USA, but only if they were sure that the potential owners would definitely not abandon the pet. The staff of the shelter really hopes that the baby has all the best ahead and is waiting for someone to notice and love this interesting dog!

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