“The secret of the name”: why Queen Elizabeth was called Lilibet in the Royal Family

Queen Lilibet

More recently, Prince Harry and his wife announced that there was a replenishment in their family. They immediately revealed the name of their heiress – Lilibet.

The Duke of Sussex named his heiress after his grandmother. According to the Royal Family, they will call the baby “Lily”.

Few people know, but in the family circle the queen is called Lilibet. According to the British publications, she gave herself the a nickname. Even in her childhood, she could not clearly say “Elizabeth”, so she called herself “Lilibet”. Parents immediately picked up on this, starting to call the future Elizabeth II that way.

As far as we know, in her childhood, the queen even signed letters with this name. And even in the famous TV series “The Crown”, Prince Philip initially addressed the queen by her childhood name.


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In this way, the man showed attention and care for his wife. By the way, the directors of the TV series say that they tried to rely on real events when filming it.

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