Sons of famous parents who have become no less famous and popular

They must be proud of their children

Envying celebrities, it’s worth returning to a simple idea – they are just as simple mortals as the rest of us. Therefore, they face similar life challenges.

You can be a brilliant actor or singer, but suffer from the fact that your child is growing up to be a bad boy. This is a real disaster for any loving parent!

However, today we will show just other examples. It is quite realistic to grow up a nice person and achieve heights, without holding on to mom’s skirt or depending on your dad.

Matvey Lykov and his father Aleksandr

By the way, Matvey seems to have the whole character of his father, because Aleksandr won a name for himself by overcoming many obstacles. Today he is known as the star of the TV series “Streets of Broken Lights”. And before that, there were many difficulties and trials in life.

To begin with, he grew up in the small village of Rakhya in the Leningrad region. His mother and grandmother raised him, while his father was not there. Falling down the slide, the child was once so injured that doctors believed that he was disabled. Persistently doing special exercises, Sasha got back on his feet. Then he discovered karate, won the championship in many youth competitions and deservedly received a black belt. Then he also got engaged in biathlon, where there were also victories.

Viktor Rybin and Natalya Senchukova’s son – Vasily

This is a real handsome guy who has a lot of fans. Of course, because he looks like both Johnny Depp and Jason Momoa. It is important that Vasily not only pumped up beautiful muscles and got tattoos, but also receives an excellent education. He entered the Moscow State Institute of Culture to become a theater director. He is also engaged in music.

Philip, raised by Oleg Gazmanov

Although the 23-year-old guy is not Gazmanov’s own child, they have something in common. In fact, his father is Vyacheslav Mavrodi, the brother of the no less legendary Sergei Mavrodi, who headed MMM.

The guy got the surname Gazmanova. Since childhood, Philip has performed in the children’s ensemble “Restless”. Sergey Lazarev, Yulia Volkova, Vlad Topalov also studied there.

Later, the boy became interested in sports. He went into football, and some time later he became interested in rugby.

However, now Philip has his own business. He created a company that deals with cargo transportation.

Apollon Shnurov, Sergey Shnurov’s son

This bright young man is 20 years old. He was born in a marriage with Svetlana Kostitsina, who was the manager of the Leningrad group.

Interestingly, the official name of the guy is Pavel. But the famous father calls him Apollo in honor of the poet Grigoriev.

It is known that Shnurov’s son entered the St. Petersburg University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics. And according to his Instagram account, we can conclude about the high creative abilities of the guy.

Kirill and Dmitriy Nagiev

Dmitry’s son is already 30, and he seems to be no less talented than his father. Having received a bright appearance from his father and mother, Alisa Sher, the guy became an actor, starred in many sensational projects.

He was seen in “Legatee”. The roles in “The Trap” and “Anya”, “Territory of Jah” and “The Prince of Siberia” are also perfectly played. Kirill also appeared in the movie “Kholop”.

Nikita Presnyakov

This is a bright successor of a full-fledged star dynasty. Both mom, Kristina Orbakaite, and dad, Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., can be proud of Nikita.

The guy graduated from the film Academy in New York. He starred in the films “Christmas Trees”, “Ghost Hunting”, “Hunting the Phantom”, “Korporativ” and “Angel’s Business”. He is also attracted to music. Nikita performs in the band Multiverse.

Denis Shalnykh, Elena Yakovleva’s son

First of all, the guy does not go unnoticed because of his rebellious nature, which is literally displayed on his face and body. After studying in Britain, Denis wanted to become a bodybuilder, then got acquainted with hairdressing. He was interested in directing, the young man managed to star in a movie. In general, his life is no less bright and intense than his appearance. By the way, it seems that by the age of 28 Denis has calmed down a little, because he says that he is ready to remove tattoos.

Grigory and Igor Vernik

The guy decided to become an actor too. 20-year-old Grigory studies at the Moscow Art Theater Studio School. Moreover, he already has something to be proud of. The guy starred in 10 projects. In particular, his face appeared in such famous TV series as “Gold Diggers” and “Mothers of Champions”.

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