Girl with 600 tattoos covered the drawings on her face with foundation and showed how she would look without them

The girl who calls herself a “white dragon”

Amber Luke has been interested in modifying her own body since she was 16. At the age of 25 the girl has 600 tattoos, a split tongue and pigmented blue whites of her eyes. The girl calls herself a “white dragon”.

As part of an experiment, Amber decided to go without a tattoo for a while.

Amber and her friend used foundation to disguise all the tattoos on her face and body. She wanted to surprise her beloved. The boyfriend, seeing the “pure” soulmate, was very surprised and at first did not recognize her. But then he admitted that he did not like this appearance.

The new look did not impress Amber herself. Looking in the mirror, she began to cry and told that she started getting tattoos because of severe depression.

In the past, she could not look at herself calmly. The tattoos helped the girl deal with problem. Each of them also carries a special meaning for her. Luke happily removed the foundation and was very glad to see her usual body covered with tattoos again.

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