11-year-old Amina has a divine appearance

She is predicted to have a career as a model

Once a Chechen photographer posted a photo of a girl with unusual features. The hair and skin of Amina Ependieva are white, while her eyes have different colors. Amina is an albino.

Currently, the girl is eleven years old. Such people are quite rare. She is often compared to Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones”.

It is worth noting the beauty of Amina’s eyes. They are different because of heterochromia. Albinos, in general, have dull eyes, but this girl has no vision problems and sees perfectly.

Her classmates and teachers have long got used to this unusual girl and are wondering what profession she will choose. Those around her see her as a model, while others are convinced she will choose a more informative profession.

However, Amina herself has not yet decided. She still has time to think about it.

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