“Long hair and lace again”: Monica Bellucci’s fans appreciated her new look

Ambitious and strong, but at the same time very feminine and gentle

Charming actress Monica Bellucci was born in a family that was far from show business. However, our heroine was able to build herself an incredible career, which can only be admired.

She dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but she did not have the opportunity to pay for her studies. Only for this reason, the girl started working as a model. However, noticing that she is doing quite well in this career, Monica decides to thoroughly gain a foothold in the big world of show business.

So, the girl moved to Milan, where she signed several contracts with world brands. Soon Monica is trying her hand at cinema, where success is also waiting for her.

Ambitious and strong, but at the same time very feminine and gentle – that’s how her fans fell in love with her. Bellucci soon meets Vincent Cassel, who has long shown interest in her.

Not so long ago there were rumors that the lovers were going to break up. Although Bellucci herself stated that she wants to live with her lover for the rest of her life.

Today, the charming actress is already 56 years old, but she still looks gorgeous. Periodically, Internet users still criticize her, accusing the star that she no longer looks so bright and presentable.

And yet, do not forget that the years go by, and time leaves its mark on each of us. In addition, recently the star pleased fans with fresh pictures in which she appeared before them in all her glory.

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