Man gave brightness and beauty to the old and stripped entrances of his hometown

Amazing idea to brighten people’s everyday mood

We all love to be surrounded by beauty, purity and complete harmony in life. Many of us live in apartment buildings, and unfortunately, cleaning and order only reaches the front door of our apartment, and what next? And then the entrance.

“Do I have to clean it alone?” Admit it, at least once, but such a thought has flashed through your head. Of course, there are also conscientious residents who are grouped and take turns on duty.

But the hero of our article, Boris Chernichenko, was so tired of looking at dirty and peeling entrances that he decided to act. He is not a person who knows how to do repairs well, or show himself in construction. And he decided to do what he knows perfectly well – to draw.

He painted the walls.

Now the most ordinary entrance to the house on Moskovskaya Street in Astrakhan has turned into a gallery of landscape sketches.

At first, Boris was painting at night so that people would not see unfinished masterpieces and elementary, so that no one would interfere with him. But the residents still knew what was going on, so some of them began to buy paint together.

The man painted all 8 floors of the building, taking into account the wishes of the neighbors.

Soon he moved to another place and is already working on the facade design there. And the neighbors remember him with love and respect.

Would you like to have such an entrance?

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