Man smashed car window to rescue the dog trapped inside

And he doesn’t regret his actions

This kind man from Britain broke the glass of someone else’s car to save an unfamiliar dog – a Yorkshire terrier – from imminent death from the heat. The small animal was left in the car by the narrow-minded owners, not thinking that the day turned out to be hot, and staying in the cabin would put the dog’s life at risk.

And after half an hour, the pet began to feel bad due to lack of air and sunstroke. Apparently, he saved the dog only at the forty-fifth minute of her captivity in the car. At this time, the owners of the Yorkshire Terrier were shopping at the supermarket, in front of which the vehicle was parked.

The man managed to break the hard glass only from the eighth time. Even the huge construction hammer, with which the savior tried to break the integrity of the glass, did not help.

But he does not regret his action, because he is sure that without his intervention the animal would have died.

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