“The hottest billionaire!”: Kim Kardashian pleased fans with a picture from the beach

For Kim Kardashian, the last six months have been especially difficult. She is getting a divorce from her husband Kanye West, so the issue of custody of their common children is being resolved now. However, the American celebrity is not discouraged. She is actively developing her business.

Last fall, the celebrity’s fortune was estimated at more than $770 million. In a fairly short period of time, Kim managed to make good income on her own brand of clothing and cosmetics.

Not so long ago, the premiere of the new season of the show “The Kardashian Family” took place, which also had a positive impact on the income of the star. In 2020, Kim made a lucrative deal. She sold 20% of the shares of her cosmetics brand, on which she managed to earn more than 200 million.

40-year-old Kardashian for the first time got among the richest people in the world according to the famous Forbes magazine. Today she occupies 2674th place, and her current husband has placed her on the 1750th line.

Such news pleased Kim, so she decided to celebrate her success accordingly. The star held a gorgeous photoshoot right on the seashore. She was wearing a nude bathing suit, which barely fit her attractive forms.

Kardashian piquantly sat on her knees and smiled strongly at the camera. She stretched out her hands forward, expressing her positive emotions.

Fans of the celebrity were delighted with what they saw, so in the comments she got a huge amount of compliments in her address.

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