“Not skinny at all”: how extra pounds helped them become popular

They are proud of their appearance

It’s no secret that many beauties from social networks are ready to do anything to become more popular. Some of them talk about weight loss and proper nutrition, others about sports training, someone tries to catch the attention of users with bold shots, but everyone has the same goal.

But the heroines of our article today have chosen a rather unusual path. These girls do not worry about their appearance at all, but on the contrary, they are proud of it. Thanks to their bigger size, they have gained a huge army of fans. We present to your attention 8 magnificent beauties!

A. Rusanova (71,5K followers)

N. Nicholas-Williams (80,2K followers)

K. Hennequin (218K followers)

G. Victory (243K followers)

A. O’Brien (630K followers)

G. Gregg (825K followers)

S. Rae Vargas (1,2M followers)

T. Holliday (2,1M followers)

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