“Jackson’s Miracle Children”: who they have become and what they are doing now

They are all so different, yet so connected to each other and to their father

Michael Jackson will always remain a legend for us. Despite the fact that eleven years have passed since he passed away, fans still listen to his records with love, remembering their favorite idol. In this article we will talk about the children of the artist. How their fate turned out after their father left, who they became and how they live now.

Jackson himself grew up in a large family. That is why in the future he himself wanted to have heirs. His first marriage to Lisa Presley did not bring him children. The beauty flatly refused to give her beloved firstborn, and later a discord began in the family, which led to a divorce.

The second time he married Debbie Rowe, who by that time was already in an interesting position. Later, after the death of the celebrity, she admitted that she had never really had intimacy with Michael. She was artificially inseminated, and the seed donor was not the musician, but another man. It is still unknown how true Debbie’s words are, but these can explain the difference in the appearance of the singer and his older heirs.

Jackson’s youngest child was born in 2002. According to some rumors, a surrogate mother gave birth to this child. It’s said, that Jackson later had no contact with the woman.

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson became Michael’s firstborn. Unfortunately, he did not follow in the footsteps of his famous father, although he still connected his life with music in part. Nowadays he is a producer. Interestingly, Joseph even opened his own company King’s Son Productions.

Among other things, he is actively engaged in charity work, and is also fond of motorcycles.

The musician’s daughter, Paris, could not recover for a long time after her father. She even tried to commit suicide several times. Fortunately, psychologists later helped her.

As a child, the girl dreamed of trying herself in acting. Even then, she managed to try herself as an actress, and later also began working in the modeling field. Subsequently, many successful pictures with the participation of Jackson’s daughter were released.

Nowadays, Paris is a successful actress and model. She communicates well with her brothers, and also plans to buy out the estate where she once lived with her dad. Just like her older brother, the beauty is engaged in charity work.

Little is known about the life of Michael’s youngest child. He tries to stay away from journalists and not give interviews. It is known that the guy decided to change his name and now he is Biggie Jackson. In addition, it is rumored that the heir of the celebrity is very seriously engaged in martial arts, as well as studying. It is possible that in the future, the young man, like his dad, will achieve great success, although this time in the scientific field.

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