“I’m ashamed of my body”: the girl with a rare diagnosis after numerous surgeries

Victoria is an incredible optimist and does not lose faith in the best

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Meet Natalia! She is 25 years old and lives in Ukraine. It so happened that the girl was born with a very rare diagnosis, which did not immediately begin to show itself. Until the age of 7, she was no different from the other children. When grief happened in their family (the loss of a loved one), the genetic disease began to progress with great speed. The reason was a hormonal failure after suffering severe stress.

At the very beginning, problems with the spine began. When Natalia turned thirteen, doctors gave her a rare diagnosis. It turned out that this disease is extremely rare and mostly women get it. Due to the progressive disease, the girl’s bones and body parts began to deform.

The photos show what her chin has become. In fact, the dimensions were so large that it was difficult for her to even chew. Every movement brought unbearable pain. If you look closely at the photo, you can also see pigmentation on certain areas of the skin.

After some time it became known that the disease is not completely curable. They can only eliminate some of the symptoms and thus make her life easier.

Victoria desperately wanted to be treated and live a normal life. That’s why she decided to participate in the project “I’m ashamed of my body.” The specialists got down to business. They reduced her chin, prescribed special pills blocking the production of new hormones and inserted new teeth. Note that these pills need to be consumed constantly in order to avoid deplorable consequences. Since they are too expensive, the girl is helped by various charitable foundations.

Despite all these problems, Victoria is an incredible optimist and does not lose faith in the best. She leads an active social life and works in a kindergarten. By the way, the children are madly in love with her, because she surrounds them with love and care.

Did you know about the existence of such a rare disease?

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