Karl Lagerfeld was a bright comet of the world of high fashion: The influence of the famous designer on modern trends

The legend of the fashion world

Karl Lagerfeld is no longer a name, but a symbol. A symbol of high fashion.

Karl comes from Hamburg, which is probably why he got the nickname “Kaiser Karl”.

As a young man, Karl got to a fashion show for the first time, which determined his entire future fate. After some time, the young man moved to Paris, where he began to study fashion. The very next year, the aspiring fashion designer received his first prize for a coat model.

In the early 60s, he received an invitation from the Fendi brand. Thanks to Karl, the whole concept of the fashion house has changed. Now shoes and clothes are also being sold under this brand.

He also collaborated with the Paris fashion house Chloe.

After two decades, the already famous fashion designer took the post of artistic director of Chanel.

Lagerfeld said of his two native brands that Fendi is his Italian soul, and Chanel is his French soul.

Karl is the discoverer of many ideas and trends. It is to him that men all over the world owe the appearance of mini-skirts.

Karl said about himself that creativity and breathing for him are two equally important life processes.

In addition to fashion design, the master created new fragrances, wrote books, participated in the development of new models of motorcycle helmets, created a collection of jewelry. Probably, there is no such area of the fashion industry to which he would not apply his talent.

The maestro himself jokingly suggested changing his name to Leibelfeld.

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