How the daughters of Lundgren, Stallone and other action heroes of the 1990s grew up (photos)

They are just as talented and beautiful as their celebrity parents

Brutal, daring, bold on the screen, but touching and caring in real life… And there are people next to whom Schwarzenegger, Van Damme and other owners of steel muscles and unbending will become softer than plasticine – these are their daughters. What did the heiresses of Hollywood stars become?

Ida and Greta Lundgren

The star of Rocky and Universal Soldier Dolph Lundgren had countless novels. But in 1990, he met jewelry designer Anette Qviberg and three years later, during a promotional tour of one of his action movies, he proposed to her. A year later, the lovers got married.

In 1996, Dolph and Anette became parents — they had a daughter, Ida, and five years later, another daughter, Greta. Lundgren’s marriage with his first wife ended in 2011, by which time they were already living separately.

But the divorce did not prevent the actor and the athlete from communicating with his daughters. The girls, by the way, have grown up to be real beauties, and it’s not even surprising. Both parents are practically standards of Nordic beauty.

Ida Lundgren works as a successful model and is already acting in films. As a child, in 2009, she played in the film with her father Command Performance, and in 2021 the premiere of the film Castle Falls, in which Dolph acted as director and played the main role, took place.

The actor’s youngest daughter is a student.

By the way, Dolph recently got married: his chosen one was the same age as his eldest daughter — 25-year-old fitness instructor Emma Krokdal.

Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet Stallone

Sylvester Stallone lives in a real flower garden. For 24 years he has been happily married to ex-model Jennifer Flavin, who gave birth to three daughters. All the girls were named with the letter “S”, the first letter of the name and surname of their famous father — Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet.

From an early age, Stallone has been taking his daughters to many social events. We can say that they grew up under the sight of dozens of cameras. And they grew up to be real beauties. Sylvester actively maintains an Instagram page, where he often posts photos of his children and wife.

In Stallone’s first marriage with actress Sasha Czack , two sons were born — Sage and Seargeoh. The elder heir of the actor tragically died a few years ago, and the younger one, suffering from autism, does not appear in public.

Bianca Van Damme

The beautiful daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gladys Portugues followed her parents’ footsteps. The girl is professionally engaged in sports, works as a model and acts in films.

As a child, Bianca was engaged in speed skating and was fond of horses, but an injury did not allow her to continue her career in this direction.

Bianca Van Damme first appeared on screen in 2008. But in some films, she was listed in the credits as Bianca Bree. Her relationship with her father wasn’t always perfect. Besides, she didn’t want to be associated only with him.

Bianca proved that a sporty girl with developed muscles can be both incredibly feminine and beautiful. By the way, her mom Gladys Portugues is a former bodybuilding champion.

Jean-Claude and Gladys also have a son Christopher. And He also has another son from his ex-wife Darcy LaPier – Nicholas.

Jane and Jada Li

The star of the films Mulan, Dragon Wars and action films from the 1990s, Jet Li is a father of four daughters. The older ones were born in his three-year marriage to the athlete Huang Qiuyan. They divorced in 1990. After the divorce of the parents, the girls do not lead a public life.

The second wife of the actor and martial artist, actress Nina Li Chi, gave birth to two more daughters — Jane and Jada.

Jane is studying at Harvard, and is a women’s rights activist. One day she admitted that she wanted to become the President of the United States. Her younger sister Jada is also successful in her studies.

Jet Li said that his wife was actively engaged in the upbringing and education of girls. Almost from the cradle they began to look for private teachers. According to the actor, he and his wife were like bad (mother) and good policemen (father) for the children.

Jet often spoils girls, but tries not to overdo it. There is a point in his contracts with film studios, according to which he can take his daughters to shoot whenever they want. So, the younger one – Jada – was next to Jet Li when he starred in the film Mulan.

Noelani Dacascos

Mark Dacascos married his partner in the film Crying Freeman Julie Condra in 1998. The couple had two sons, Makoa and Kapono, and a daughter, Noelani.

Even as a child, Noelani began acting in films. However, her filmography is still quite modest. But her appearance, as well as the genes of her parents-actors, if desired, may help the girl make a breakthrough to the top of show business.

Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis

The girls were born in the family of Bruce Willis and his first wife Demi Moore. The Network joked that nature did not reward them with the same external data as their parents. But in the twentieth century it is easy to fix. In addition, none of the women of the star family denies that they visit plastic surgeons.

The eldest daughter of actors Rumer Willis has already played in 42 films (Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, Future World, The Dairy of Preston Plummer). Her younger sisters also became actresses, but their careers are not so successful yet.

Bruce Willis has two other young daughters Mabel and Evelyn from his second wife Emma Heming.

Katherine and Christina Schwarzenegger

“Iron Arnie” is the father of five children: two daughters Katherine and Christina and sons Patrick, Christopher and illegitimate Joseph.

The eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Katherine became a writer. In the summer of 2018, she began an affair with the star of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt. A year later they got married, and in August 2020 they became parents – the couple had a daughter, Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt.

Schwarzenegger’s youngest daughter Christina is a model and film producer. The clever and beautiful woman does not talk about her personal life and doesn’t like social networks either.

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