“The copy of her mom”: photo of Aishwarya Rai’s 8-year-old daughter caused delight among her fans

Her daughter is getting prettier over years

Recently, Aishwarya Rai’s beautiful daughter turned 8 years old. The famous actress shared pictures of the girl. Many have noticed that her daughter is getting better and better over the years. Some followers say, she is quite similar to her mother, although she did not inherit her extraordinary eyes.

It seems a new Bollywood star is growing.

Let’s remember that 12 years ago, Aishwarya married her beloved one – Abhishek, who belongs to a very famous family. For several years, the couple could not give birth to a child. The actress even underwent a whole course of treatment. Fortunately, a miracle happened, and this beautiful couple had a sweet daughter.

Now the actress admires her girl and often takes her to various social events.

Aishwarya’s fans follow her life on Instagram. The actress, in her turn, generously shares family photos with them, showing some memorable moments of her life.

Do you think the girl looks like her famous mom?

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