Brothers who were born with gray hair

They accept all types of comments with humor and don’t live in negativity

Eight years ago, Patricia Williams and her husband had a blonde boy – Redd. Later it became clear that the baby has a rare disease – albinism.

For a long time, the boy’s parents were trying to remember whether anyone in their family had a similar disease. It turns out that Patricia’s grandmother also suffered from a lack of melanin in the body. It was her genes that were passed on to her great-grandchildren.

Surprisingly, Rockwell – Patricia’s second son – also inherited albinism, although he was born in 2018.

Despite this feature, the brothers live quietly and are no different from their peers.

And the eldest, Redd, has already received advertising contracts. A sunglasses company was seriously interested in the boy.

In general, neither the brothers nor their parents suffer from negativity. They accept jokes with humor, not taking them seriously.

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