One is fair, the other – not quite. Why the father of the newborns Lost consciousness

Many interesting cases take place in maternity hospitals, but this one is a bit unusual

A married couple came for an ultrasound before giving birth, where it turned out that they would have not one child, but two at once. The couple was very intelligent and friendly. The father was insanely happy about this news, the mother was smiling. They prepared in advance for childbirth, chose a ward and a doctor who would deliver the baby, the husband was always there and helped his wife in every possible way. And finally the long-awaited day arrived.

They arrived at the hospital. The contractions were not strong, so they had to wait until morning. The future father of two sons sat with his wife and supported her as best he could. He was tactful and did not bother doctors with questions, as other dads often do.

However, he wanted to be present at the birth and be near his wife (the perfect husband). Everything was going great. Cry first. And now the baby was already born. The father was not afraid and cut the umbilical cord of the child himself. But the birth of the second one shocked everyone, and the exemplary father lost consciousness. Even the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong! The second kid was dark-skinned. Which was very strange, considering that there were no black people in the family.

The young mother herself did not understand what was happening. She didn’t cheat on her husband, so how is this possible?
When the father woke up, he immediately rushed to his wife, saying that he would bring up this baby as his own. The mother was scared and crying. The doctors said that the child was definitely from him, but no one could understand why he was not like the other baby.

After a while, everything fell into place. The grandmother of these children came to the maternity hospital and, seeing the newborns, explained why one of them was dark-skinned. The fact is that the grandfather of the woman in labor was dark-skinned, but before this case, everyone was born white, apparently, genetics still decided to prove itself and that’s why the baby did not look like them outwardly. This is life! You never know what will happen to you. Well, at least the father of the children was understanding and adequate.

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