Volleyball player believed he was dating a model

Soon he found out that no such model existed!

This Italian volleyball player had been dating a model for 15 years. Well, at least he thought so. He spent 700 thousand euros on his “girlfriend”, but had never seen her.

43-year-old Roberto Cazzaniga was doing his first steps in his successful career. In 2009 he won the gold medal of the Italian team in the Mediterranean Championship. Later on, he moved to a lower league.

Everything was fine with the athlete’s income, until he met a Brazilian girl named Maya. They met online and the girl claimed to be a model. Their relationship developed very quickly. Unable to resist the model’s beauty, Roberto fell madly in love with her.

The man started buying expensive things for the girl. Once he even gave her a car on her birthday. One thing, however, didn’t sit well with the athlete. The girl said she had an innate heart disease and couldn’t meet him in person.

During their 15-year-long relationship, Roberto payed for Maya’s expensive surgeries and kept hoping for the best.

Soon he found out that no such model existed!

It turned out that the girl was sending him the photos of the famous model Alessandra Ambrosio.

“700,000 euros!!! I am morally crushed and ruined!”, says Robert about this unpleasant story. The athlete tried to find the girl with the help of the Police. However, not much is possible to do in this case.

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