Identical triplet sisters grew up and became real beauties

You won’t come across such beautiful triplets every day

You may have heard the story of the pregnant woman from Iran, who was sure she was going to have one child. However, at birth it turned out that there were three of them.

The parents were shocked, but very happy, although now all their expenses were tripled. Despite all the hardships, the girls were raised in love and affection. Each of the babies always had as much attention as she needed. None of them was ever deprived of anything.

According to local traditions, girls had to find a husband and build their own family, right after coming of age. But the sisters decided to live a different life. So in order for them not to have any problems in the future, they left for London. Their parents supported them and helped the girls with the rent.

Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz (the sisters’ names) wanted to start a career in fashion, so they chose the appropriate educational institution. Later, they created an account on social networks and started sharing fashionable “looks” with their followers. They are gradually gaining popularity.

Thanks to the blog the girls began to receive invitations to photoshoots and job offers at different brands.

Although, let’s admit, that, perhaps, it was their identity that brought them the main fame, and only then their impeccable taste and style.

Marriage is not on the girls’ radar right now. They are more focused on their career and enjoy their current life.

It’s a rare thing to meet such beautiful triplets. That’s why the girls don’t have so many competitors for the title of stunning sisters who are like three drops of water.

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