23-year-old girl married her 68-year-old boyfriend

The age difference is secondary, if the couple is truly happy

It seems that in the modern world, no one will be surprised by the big age difference, but it seems that many are still not used to this. When Stephanie (23) told her parents that she was dating Don (68 years old), she was misunderstood and condemned. But the girl was not going to give up, because there were sincere, real feelings between them, which they were not going to give up.

Now 2 years have passed since the wedding, and Don and Stephanie are still together and are not going to part. Don had a son from his first marriage, and therefore he did not want to have another one at that age. But after much persuasion from Stephanie, who dreamed of experiencing the joy of motherhood, the man gave up. Recently, they had a baby who finally helped Stephanie reconcile with her mother.

The woman could not accept her daughter’s choice in any way and completely stopped communicating with her until her grandson was born.

Many in the city still talk unpleasant things behind their back, but Stephanie and Don are not affected in any way.

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