The policeman stopped the car and heard an incredible story about himself

Who never know whom you will come across on duty

The police profession is considered one of the most important, responsible and even dangerous in modern society. When a law enforcement officer stops a car or chases a criminal, he never knows what consequences this may lead to, because people of varying degrees of adequacy come across. So now we’re going to tell you a story about police officer Michael Paterson from New Jersey, who during his patrol learned something shocking from the driver he stopped.

Once an employee of the state of New Jersey (USA), Michael Paterson, stopped a motorist for a minor traffic violation. The driver rolled down the window and introduced himself as a retired officer of the police department in the city of Piscataway. His name was Matthew Bailey. Paterson was pleasantly surprised, because he himself was from the same city, which he immediately told the man. Thanks to this, a dialogue began between them. After learning this, Bailey began to recall an amazing story that happened to him in that area in his youth, when he was a police recruit.

Bailey remembered those events for the rest of his life, because while in the service, for the first time in his life he had to give birth to a completely unfamiliar woman. It was October 5, 1991, when Karen, that was her name, was shopping and buying groceries for dinner. The woman was already in her ninth month and suddenly felt that her water broke. It meant only one thing, she was going to give birth soon. Karen barely made it home when she felt that the contractions that had suddenly begun had become so strong that she could no longer stand it.

By a lucky chance, just at that time Matthew was on day duty and patrolling the streets of the city. Driving past that very house, he noticed the woman who was writhing in pain and asking for help, but there was no one else nearby. The officer helped Karen into the house and comfortably put her on the bed. He understood that he would not have time to bring her to the hospital, so he called an obstetrician he knew.

The latter explained to Bailey over the phone what to do in what sequence while the emergency team was driving to the place. So he witnessed the birth of a new life. Bailey also told Paterson that this story happened 27 years ago. Moreover, he was even able to describe the room in the house of the same woman. At the end of his story he added that the boy who was born was named Michael.

After thinking a little and comparing all the facts of the case, the policeman stretched out his hand and replied: “My name is Michael Paterson, sir, thank you for helping me to be born.” After this surprise encounter, the policeman and his mother visited Matthew and his family at their house to remember this amazing story in more detail. They even took a photo together, which the New Jersey State Police later posted on their social media page. The search said that the Paterson and Bailey family were simply delighted with the fateful reunion and had a wonderful time.

As it turned out, this story inspired not only state police officers, but also ordinary people. The publication quickly gained popularity and collected more than 18 thousand likes on social networks. As they say, the world is small. Have similar situations ever happened in your life?

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