How Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were detained by the police on their first date

An interesting and unforgettable first date

The artists have been happy together since 1983, but the romance began only 20 years after their first date.

Goldie Hawn was married twice and was raising a son and daughter from her second marriage, when she began an affair with Kurt Russell. The actors first met in 1967 at film auditions, which did not end with joint work. Goldie was 22 years old, and Kurt was only 16 years old. Their acquaintance did not continue. After 16 years, the artists met on the set again. Hawn had already been married and divorced twice by this time. The actress was raising 7-year-old Oliver and 4-year-old Kate.

Kurt Russell also managed to marry the actress Season Hubley, and their son Boston was only 3 years old. Filming in the movie “Swing Shift” did not particularly attract Kurt, and the actor did not expect surprises from this project. But everything was changed by the news about who will be Russell’s partner. He had long been attracted to Goldie, and the artist could not miss such a chance. He played the role of Mike Lockhart with new colors. Kurt did everything to ensure that he was approved to play in this film.

February 14 was approaching… The Valentine’s Day. Kurt invited Goldie to have fun at the club, where they could dance a lot. The actress agreed, but the dancing did not work out. Hawn and Russell could not talk enough and did not notice how several hours flew by. The couple decided to move from the club to Goldie’s house, where they went late in the evening. The mansion was being renovated, and the keys were with the construction crew.

The actress thought about it, but Russell found a way out and invited his companion to climb into the house through the window. Hawn happily supported this idea, and the couple entered the mansion “illegally”. Goldie and Kurt’s enthusiastic communication was interrupted by the police crew, who discovered a “broken” window and arrived to protect the peace of the owners and ensure the safety of the house. Hawn and Russell’s first date ended with a conversation with law enforcement officials.

The unexpected end of the first date did not prevent their stormy romance, as well as the fact that Goldie was almost 6 years older than her lover. The artists quickly moved in and created a large family. Not only Kurt, but also his little son Boston started to live together with Hawn, her son and daughter. In July 1986, the family was replenished with another boy, whom happy parents named Wyatt Hawn Russell. Despite almost 40 years of living together, Goldie and Kurt never got ready to officialize their relationship.

Hawn has repeatedly stated in interviews that two official marriages were enough for her, and freedom only makes their relationship with Russell stronger. Kurt is sure that the couple managed to preserve mutual understanding and happiness for decades, since family was always a priority for both of them, and work faded into the background. In 1987, Goldie and Kurt starred together in the cult comedy “Overboard”, which is popular to this day. All their children also became actors.

Did you know that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn never got married officially?

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