Queen of the Night: African woman with a rare skin color has become a popular model

Beauty has neither race nor nationality

Nyakim Gatwech has a very dark skin tone. This is very rare. Now the girl is a successful model, famous all over the world, and her photos are full on the covers of glossy magazines.

Let’s learn together about the amazing fate of the beauty who struggled to achieve her place in society.

Nyakim used to be very insecure in her childhood. Her peers did not accept the girl because of her unusually dark skin. And teenagers refused to communicate with her.
South Sudan was the birthplace of the girl with the unusual skin color born in 1993. Due to the outbreak of hostilities, her family fled to Kenya and ended up in an African refugee camp in Ethiopia.

Later they moved to the United States in Minneapolis. American teenagers did not accept Gatwech. She was a hermit among them, felt lonely and often cried because of this. The girl considered herself ugly.

“I didn’t think my skin color was a problem until I moved to America. Everyone was looking at me and laughing,” the model shared.

There were no similar problems in her hometown, because among her peers, the model was distinguished only by a bright shade of her native skin.

Only after a while did Nyakim realize that her special appearance could become her trump card. She addressed to dark-skinned girls in her blog, who have experienced similar situations in their lives.

“You are very beautiful, even if your skin is the darkest in your environment, know this and do not listen to someone else’s opinion. There is no one like you anymore, you are unique, beautiful and there are people who appreciate and love you the way you are. The sweetness of the cherry depends on its color!”, writes the model.

Her personal experience shows how difficult it is to deal with other people’s opinions, especially as a child. When the model was a child, she wanted to lighten her skin just like her elder sister. Her sister now regrets that idea and has forbidden Nyakim to even think about it.

Gatwech was invited to take part in a show by one of her friends. This was the beginning of the girl’s modeling career.

She appeared in 2017 on advertising posters for the movie “Jigsaw”.
Over the course of almost two years, the girl worked on creating a portfolio for herself. Model scouts saw her pictures and offered her to work with famous brands. In the fall of 2017, the model graduated from Minneapolis Community College, and is now focused on her career growth.

“My goal is to help the same people who faced the problems that I had before. I will continue my modeling career,” the girl said.
By the time Nyakim was 28, he had reached unprecedented heights. An established women’s clothing brand, FashionNova, has signed a contract with her. She appears on the covers of glossy magazines such as Woe, Mefeater, Annabelle, and L’Oréal Paris.

Calvin Klein photoshoot included her as one of the models. She has more that 970K followers on social networks. They call her the “Queen of Darkness”.

The model reacted positively to her nickname. “Dark colors are not only sadness, grief and death. I am the “Queen of Darkness” and I bring light and love to my surroundings”, the star expressed her opinion.

The 28-year-old model believes that she will become an example for other girls. “No one will love you the way you should love yourself. I want to teach young girls this,” she says.

One day a taxi driver offered to lighten her skin, thinking that her life would change for the better. As a child, the girl would certainly be offended, but not now. Now she was just laughing back. The model told the man that she was not looking for easy ways.

In her photos, Nyakim often appears in traditional outfits of her people. She respects traditions and believes that beauty has neither race nor nationality.

“My skin is God’s blessing. I refuse to be called a black woman. Moreover, I don’t see it as a problem to achieve my goals. It is very important to accept yourself as you are,” Nyakim summed up.

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