My friend found her husband’s notebook with expenses for her medicines and things. So much for love

She calmly waited for him to return from work…

My friend ended up in the hospital with a disease known to everyone now. The form was complicated. During her stay in the hospital, she was fired from her job. When she finally got home, no one demanded that she immediately look for a job now.

Moreover, the situation in the country is not easy now. Everyone is holding on to their jobs with their teeth. It is impossible to get a job in a good company, and going to the supermarket as a cashier is impossible after the disease. Therefore, my friend was slowly looking for something related to her profession, while simultaneously doing comfort at home.

It was then that she decided, since she was sitting at home, she would do a general cleaning while there was time. She started to sort out the mess on the computer table and found a notebook.

This item surprised her, because it had never been at home before. She suddenly found the phones and addresses of mistresses. She opened the notebook, and a bunch of checks spilled out. But every purchase was recorded on every page in her husband’s handwriting: face cream, vitamin D, injections (2 sessions).

My friend’s hands began to tremble. She realized that all the purchases that her husband made for her were scrupulously recorded by him personally and summed up with the rest.

Periodically, they were summed up and thus my friend found out that at that moment she already owed almost $100 thousand. All the expenses for treatment, even some products he had written in this notebook!

I was struck by my friend’s endurance. She did not call her beloved this very second and yell into the phone, but simply calmly waited for him to return from work.

She fed him dinner, listened to how his day went, and only after that she asked. And very culturally, without those expressions that the censorship of the site does not allow.

And her husband answered her: “What’s the big deal here? After all, we had a common budget before, right? And now I was investing alone. Therefore, when you go to work, you will invest more until you return the entire amount in this way. And I’ll buy a laptop for myself with the money that I won’t spend, otherwise the old one doesn’t pull new games anymore.”

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