Photos of Jennifer Lopez in a dirty and torn wedding dress alerted fans

J Lo surprises with new photos

Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck not so long ago. The couple staged a lavish celebration for friends and relatives at the actor’s mansion in Savannah. The actress changed her wedding outfit three times that day. But today she surprised fans when photos appeared showing her in a dirty, torn wedding dress.

It turned out to be a photo from the filming of Jennifer Lopez’s new movie. Together with Fergie’s ex-husband, actor Josh Duhamel, the 53-year-old star is starring in a romantic comedy with action elements called “Shotgun Wedding”.

The producers of the film shared with fans new footage from the shooting and announced the release date of the film. The premiere of the new film starring Jennifer Lopez will take place on January 27, 2023. The actress has played the bride many times and transformed into various wedding images. She’s been down the aisle four times and she’s been engaged six times.

In the expected film, Jennifer Lopez will appear in a beautiful wedding dress with an airy lace skirt, a corset and puffy sleeves. The wedding celebration will still not go according to the script. All the guests, along with the young ones, are held hostage by criminals. The bride and groom are ready to do anything to protect their friends and family. During the epic scenes, the actress’s wedding dress will be torn apart.

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