Each room of this house has a separate roof

A strange but at the same time very interesting house

There are many creative architects who come up with interesting ideas of somehow strange buildings. Let’s take this interesting building from Dutch architecture firm HofmanDujardin. If you look at the building from above, it seems there are 3 separate houses standing side by side.

While developing the plan of the building, architects took into account the surrounding area. It was decided to build the house into the atmosphere of a pine forest. The facade and the roofs were built with wooden panels.

The house consists of 3 rooms. Each faces different directions, and each has access to a separate terrace.

Sliding doors separate the rooms from the inside. If necessary, the doors become transparent to unite the rooms.

There are similar doors on both sides of the living room.. When you open them, it seems as if you are having lunch or relaxing in a sofa right in the middle of the forest.

Panoramic windows in the nursery and bedroom are an incredibly original solution. Not closed by anything, they make it possible to observe the forest life while lying on the bed.

And this is not all. All rooms have skylights, in case you want to lie under the night sky.

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