Here’s why women like brutal and serious-loking men more

Smiling faces are for company, frowns are for passion

Very often, smiling men fail to impress and attract women, whereas sullen and brutal men can win almost every women they want. Studies have shown, that women are mostly attracted to men with serious and brutal appearance. Here’s why!

To be precise, women view smiling men as their friends, and not as their lover or life partner. And men, in their turn, prefer smiling and cheerful women.

Smiling faces are for company, frowns are for passion.

There’s no doubt, that serious men have more chances with women. They look rude and pretty cool.

Women do not see a leader or a passionate partner in smiling faces and cheerful characters. They prefer men to be serious, powerful, able to endure pain and overcome any problems. Women associate such men with their protectors.

Women don’t like effeminate people.

A scientific research has shown, that women like men with beards, brutal appearance and a strong nature. Their appearance must match their character!

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