Japanese women never use perfume but always smell good: why?

They spend a lot of time on these procedures, but the result is satisfying!

Believe it or not, wearing a perfume with a strong smell speaks about lack of taste. One of the good sides of this method is that you will not smell strong and unpleasant odors in public places. And still, it’s interesting to know what Japanese women do to smell good, without any perfume.

Women in Japan always smell good and look fresh. What’s their secret?

They use light fragrances, which help them smell fresh.

They pay great attention to sef-care and use various oils while bathing.

Another important step is, they constantly brush their teeth and clean their mouths. They carry their toothbrush with them everywhere, and brush their teeth right after eating.

There are high-quality deodorants in Japan, that retain unpleasant odors. They use it not only on the armpits, but also on their feet.

On addition to these, there are also flavoring pills to release a pleasant smell on their body.

Hair sprays are also quite popular. They give off pleasant and fresh scent.

Imagine how much time they spent on these procedures every day!? But the results are satisfying! They not only please themselves, but also people around them.

What do you think about these methods?

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