Facts about Hollywood actress Julia Roberts and her family

Her children are just as charming as herself

There are two types of celebrities: those who share their family life with fans, and those who prefer to keep it a secret. There is little information about the family life of Julia Roberts. So, we may conclude that she belongs to the second group.

Julia has mentioned that her children were born in the 2000s. In 2002, Roberts took part in a photoshoot with Daniel Moder. They quickly developed a friendly relationship. This year, the spouses celebrated the 20th anniversary of their marriage.

Her children are already adults. They help Julia keep her Instagram account active.

As a part of the modern society, they encourage Roberts to follow modern trends and keep her accounts active on social networks.

It’s worth noting that her online activity has in no way affected the lifestyle of the actress.

In order to protect her family from paparazzi attacks, she keeps her family life secret and doesn’t share much about it.

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