Trailer of “The Little Mermaid” caused a great stir online

People started criticizing the actress of the main role

The trailer of the film “The Little Mermaid” has already appeared on the Internet. Immediately after the release, the trailer caused a great stir among critics. And the main reason is the lead actress. Many thought that actress Halle Bailey was actually a poor choice for the main role. The video received over 1M dislikes on YouTube in just 2 days.

People are still discussing whether it was right to choose a dark-skinned actress for the role of the white mermaid. However, there are also those who admire this version of the famous Mermaid.

Recently, a video has gone viral, where dark-skinned children react to the trailer of the film and the new Mermaid.

They are fascinated by the director’s choice, and Halle Bailey has become their new idol.

There are, actually, many such videos on the Internet, and they all will warm your heart.

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