These sisters are the most attractive teenagers in the world

The Clements Twins!

At the age of 7 these amazingly beautiful sisters were recognized the most beautiful teenagers in the world. Now they have already grown up. Let’s check what they look like now!

Ava Marie and Leah Rose are from California. Their parents and all relatives had waited for the babies for a long time. Now the girls are 12 years old. The sisters have grown up into real beauties.

They managed to become popular on the Internet and won the love of millions of people. Their green eyes and adorable hair color give them a divine appearance.

Some people even suggested the parents sending their photos to modeling agencies. The mother, Jaqi Clement, started an Instagram account for the twins, where she posts their beautiful photos. The sisters have already become real social media personalities.

The modeling career of the girls started when they were still little. Now, as they have grown up, they are cooperating with famous fashion magazines and global brands.

The charming sisters have an eldest brother. The 14-year-old boy is also a model Let’s wish them good luck and great heights in the modeling business.

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