Woman disfigured herself with plastic surgeries

She considers her appearance perfect

Natasha Crown has undergone another plastic surgery. Here are the results!

Natasha is a 27-year-old blogger. She underwent her first plastic surgery 7 years ago. It was then that the woman decided to have the biggest buttocks in the world. Several Brazilian butt lifts helped Natasha achieve her goal. In total, Natasha has undergone 5 surgeries. However, there has been another one recently, that let the woman break a world record.

Currently Natasha has some difficulties getting used to her new body, but she’s happy with the results. However, even these difficulties don’t prevent her from turning to more plastic procedures.

Natasha has demonstrated her new appearance on TikTok. In order to become more attractive, the blogger decided on the so-called “Jolie Corners” procedure. Usually the lines of the cheekbones and chin become almost geometrically symmetric, Just like Angelina Jolie’s.

However, Crown’s cosmetologist overdid the injection, and now the woman’s face has got the shape of an iron. With her filled lips and eyelashes, Natasha’s appearance has become intimidating.

Natasha considers her appearance perfect. She is convinced that she becomes more and more beautiful after each procedure. She is even aware that her appearance is also quite extravagant and might repel some people.

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