Cute scene: Lion asks his dog friend for forgiveness

These completely different animals have been friends since childhood!

This cute and strong friendship between a dog and a lion leaves no one indifferent. They are always happy and have fun together.

Lions and dogs are completely different species. Most people believe that they can never get on well with each other.

However, our today’s heroes, Miki (lion) and Camilla (dog), prove these people wrong. These two animals have been together since their childhood, so they have developed a strong friendship. When Miki appeared in the shelter, he turned out to be not alone – Camilla was with him.

They lived together for some time, then the shelter staff allowed them to be together. The shelter staff has witnessed countless scenes of the two unique friends enjoying each other’s company. Here is one of the scenes recorded on a video.

In the video, Miki grabs the dog’s paw and gently shakes it. Then he tries to repeat the cute act, but Camilla runs away.

The clip is short but will definitely reach your heart!

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