How the couple with 45 years of age gap lives now

The most important thing for them is to keep their family life happy and peaceful

Stephanie has married a man that’s older than her for 45 years. When they got married Stephanie was 23 years old. Despite their huge age gap, the spouses are happy together. They are now raising their little son.

They never pay attention to others’ opinions and keep living their life in peace.

The spouses have met each other 4 years ago in a cafe where Stephanie used to work. Turned out that Stephanie used to study in the same class as his son from his first marriage.

The man is already 70 years old, but he looks much younger. And the reason is his happiness.

The man happened to receive a second chance to live a new life. He has a young and beautiful wife and a baby. They realized they were made for each other from the very first glance. They fell in love and very soon got married.

Surely, their families were against their union. However, everything changed when they found out that the lovers were expecting a baby.

Still, many people keep criticizing the couple and their family. And these negative comments always offend the spouses.

People are used to living following the stereotypes and always criticize those who want to “break the rules”. As the woman admits, she always receives offensive words towards her and her loving family. Many still believe that Stephanie married the man for his money. Of course these comments hurt her, but she will never destroy her happiness because of such evil tongues.

The spouses know that in a couple of years, when the boy grows up, the father will no longer be able to take care of him. In order for the boy to know that he has always had a normal family with a mother and a father, they constantly take pictures and videos together.

The most important thing for them is to keep their family life happy and peaceful.

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