What the quadruplets from the famous video look like now

Let’s once again remember this adorable video!

Many years have passed since the moment this funny video went viral on the Internet.

The video filled everyone with positive vibes. The adorable quadruplets laugh together with their mother. The video was recorded by the father of this wonderful family, Steve, in 2002.

The video won the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” award, and the family received $25,000. The young family actually needed the award. 

Pregnancy with 4 infants is a rare phenomenon. In fact, the couple was initially told to expect triplets.

All 4 of the girls were healthy and happy. They never dress in the same clothes. The parents wanted them to have different personalities. And now as they are already old enough, Anna, Grace, Emily and Mary choose their outfits themselves.

Just as their parents have always wanted, the girls have various talents and goals and they all work hard on achieving them. One of them has chosen music as her future profession. The second one is fond of photographing, the third loves programming. And the fourth one cannot imagine her life without graphic design.

They look similar, but all of them have very different personalities.

What do you think about this method of parenting?

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